Breaking the Myths that Keep You Stuck in Your Career – Terry McDougall

    Breaking the Myths that Keep You Stuck in Your Career - Terry McDougall

    Breaking the Myths that Keep YOU Stuck in Your Career - Terry McDougallWhen it comes to your job and career are you happy? Do you enjoy it? Is it fulfilling? Do you know why? Do you know how to change it? Next question…when it comes to your work how do you define success? Based on your definition of success are you successful? Do you feel like you have hit your max in your career?

    At the end of the day your career is a game. The problem is you don’t know the rules. And the rules are not printed in a book or a pamphlet. They are unwritten, and in fact there are so many rules you may be overlooking most of them. Thankfully for you Career Coach and Expert Terry Boyle McDougall returns on this episode of A New Direction to tell you the rules of the game of work and help you find the work that you will enjoy and be more successful.

    Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms: McDougall, Terry Boyle: 9781641375801: BooksTerry’s book “Winning the Game of Work” is a comprehensive and complete guide and toolkit to help you find the career that fits you best.  We will focus this show on the myths and the lies that we tell ourselves about our career.  If you are stuck in your career.  Or need a career change then you need “Winning the Game of Work“…and you will enjoy this show.

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