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    Body Language Decoder - Martin Brooks - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Martin Brooks - Body Language Expert | A New Direction with Jay IzsoWe place a great amount of stock in what people say, but perhaps we have that wrong.  We more than likely should pay closer to the body language of the person because that may be more of a give away of what that person is thinking.  Most of us are fascinated with body language when it comes to deception and lying.  Most of us also believe we can detect lying accurately in others say with their body, but the truth is you are only about 50% right.  True experts are 90% accurate.  But body language is important for business.   For example can you determine if someone is really interested in the job when you are conducting the interview.  How about when you are selling, can you read the body language of a potential customer that they are giving you signals  that you have lost them, and they no longer are interested in doing business with you.  Could you change your body language to win them back?  Thankfully Body Language expert Martin Brooks  joins us on this episode of A New Direction to help you not only become a better at reading others body language, but changing your body language to improve your relationships. Laurence King Publishing Body Language Decoder: 50 Cards to Reveal What They're Really Thinking : Brooks, Martin: Toys & GamesMartin Brooks has a 50 cards in a deck with a booklet entitled “Body Language Decoder“.  The booklet and the cards are an insightful look on how to help you notice body signals where people are convicted, making a powerplay, nervousness, deception, interested, disinterested and more!  This is one of those fantastica and fun reads that you will want to have as a reference.  The fact is the more we can learn about body language the better we will be at it.  The “Body Language Decoder” is fun, interesting, educational, and will be help for you in your personal life and business.

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