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John Rossman - The Amazon Way - Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles - A New Direction with Jay Izso

The Amazon Way – Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles

John Rossman - The Amazon Way - Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles - A New Direction with Jay IzsoMost of us use Amazon.com services.  It is estimated that 65% of the U.S. population uses Amazon at least once a month.  The leadership of Amazon fell on Jeff Bezos and he led and created something that most people use and even if they don’t use it, we all are aware of it’s success.  What does it take to lead and be a leader at Amazon?  Well this week’s guest on A New Direction is  John Rossman who was a Director for Amazon.com and he reveals 14 leadership principles  that were ingrained into him during his time there.

Amazon.com: The Amazon Way: Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles: 9781734979169: Rossman, John: BooksJohn Rossman‘s book “The Amazon Way: Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles” is a candid and insightful look at the leadership of Jeff Bezos and the way leadership was demonstrated and exemplified.  These 14 leadership principles or as John calls them LP’s are so dependent on each other that it is really not possible to separate them.  They are all equally important and they are congruent with each other.  Please download John Rossman‘s free Amazon Way Leadership Poster by going to www.the-amazon-way.com And get his book “The Amazon Way” it is not a long read but it is a power packed read that you will truly enjoy.

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