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    David Tate - A New Way to Build Accountability That Works - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    How to Get Real Accountability in Your Teams: Conscious Accountability

    Conscious Accountability: Deepen Connections, Elevate Results: Tate, David C., Pantalon, Marianne S., David, Daryn H.: 9781950496716: BooksWe all say we want accountability. But the truth is the way that accountability is practiced is more transactional that relational. We often use power and threats to ensure accountability. Hold on. Stop. Think for a second is that really accountability or is that some form of external rewards and punishments for getting people what we want them to do?
    Now let’s think about this. In your closest relationships, I mean with the people you really trust, don’t you have accountability? Do you have to coerce them to be accountable? Of course not! The fact is that the deeper our connections with each other accountability is part of the relationship. In fact, in our closest relationships don’t we want to be held accountable? We have a desire for our relationships to have trust and with that accountability.
    Now imagine if you could bring that process into the workplace. Would it not be better if we could connect at a deeper level, build greater trust, remove the psychological pressure and people could were willing to hold themselves accountable to the team or group they belonged to? Well then you are on the road to “Conscious Accountability”! And on this episode of A New Direction, David C. Tate co-author of “Conscious Accountability” helps us understand the CONNECT framework so that you can get greater performance from your team or in any relationship
    Conscious Accountability: Deepen Connections, Elevate Results - Picture 1 of 1Co-author David C. Tate Book “Conscious Accountability: Deepen Connections, Elevate Results” is an eye-opening and well researched book on truly how to understand accountability in teams and organizations that will create loyalty, create innovation, and have your people take an “all in” mindset.  The book gets it’s backbone through the CONNECT framework or practices.
    This book is not for the faint of heart.  It will take work.  It will take intentionality.  But mostly it will require you to have greater awareness of what you are doing and awareness of your people.  Attached to each practice of the CONNECT framework are the necessary mindsets needed to make each practice work for you and your team.
    Imagine that you could have a team that desires to hold themselves accountable.  This is where this book is going to be a diamond for your business and organization.  This book will improve your communication skills, help you to remove the egos from the room, and allow true open feedback that will generate better and clearer ideas.
    Are you ready for your accountability transformation?  It really comes down to rethinking the process.  Instead of pointing fingers at who is responsible for the problem, you change that to, who is responsible for the solution.  We no longer operate from a punishment paradigm, but a paradigm shift where people are in a psychologically safe place where they are reinforced and want to take responsibility.

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