9 Marketing Message Pillars to Become a Market Leader

    Daniel Den - 9 Marketing Message Pillars That Will Help You Become a Market Leader - Ideas That Influence - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    Learn to Create a Marketing Message that Really Resonates with Your Target Audience

    Daniel Den - 9 Marketing Message Pillars That Will Help You Become a Market Leader - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoThere are so many marketing messages coming at us from different directions. Everyone is after our attention.

    If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, finding the right marketing message can be a tremendous challenge.

    What is more if you are that small business, trying to compete with the “Kings of the Mountain”, have billions of dollars to spend on marketing you may feel overwhelming.

    What can you do? How do you carve a marketing message that will make a difference.

    Welcome to this episode of A New Direction Best Selling Author and Marketing Researcher and expert Daniel Den joins to help you create a marketing message that will grow your company.

    Daniel Den‘s co-authored book with Pedro Superti “Ideas that Influence: The Proven Step-By-Step Process For Promoting The Perfect Marketing Message To Your Most Profitable Audiences” is an absolute necessity to every business marketing toolkit.

    Ideas that Influence Start with helping us create visual of our message by calling it the “microphone message”.  That is, is your message really being heard?

    Through out the entire book Daniel Den and Pedro Superti walk us through 9 pillars of marketing that will help you carve out a message that will make you stand out even among the giants of any industry.

    Personally, I have found this book to be really helpful, as it helped me identify where my marketing messages were weak, and were I need to do more work in building a better message the resonates with my target audience.  Get the book, and the box set is comes with it.  Order Here:  Ideas That Influence

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