9 Attributes to Becoming Invaluable

    Steven Bowen and Terry Lyles - 9 Attributes to Becoming Invaluable - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    How Will You Become Invaluable?

    Terry Lyles and Steven J. Bowen - Becoming Invaluable - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoSteven J. Bowen and Dr. Terry Lyles - Becoming Invaluable - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoWhat is your worth? Do you know your true value? How are you measuring it? Is it money? A title? Stuff? Does it go deeper? Are you invaluable?

    And what is your purpose? Do you know what it is? How about your values? Can you list them off? Would those that know you agree?  Again, finding your purpose and knowing your core values, contributes to becoming invaluable.

    The fact of the matter is these questions are so important. Do others find you “Invaluable”…or could they live without you?

    Let’s get “Invaluable”! Let’s make such a positive impact on the world that the world can’t live without us. Such an impact that our business cannot live without us. Such an impact that the community can’t live without you.

    How? Well, in this episode of A New Direction best-selling author Steven J. Bowen and Dr. Terry Lyles give us the 9 Attributes that when followed will make you invaluable and create a life of fulfillment and meaning and make you the leader people desire.

    Paperback Becoming Invaluable: Develop the Willitude to Navigotiate Success BookSteven J. Bowen and Dr. Terry Lyles’ book, “Becoming Invaluable: Develop the Willitude to Navigotiate Success” is a must read for everyone.  

    If you have ever questioned your self-worth, if you have ever thought that there is more to life than where you are right now, Becoming Invaluable will be “Invaluable”.

    The book asks starts with a basic question: “what do you think is the highest calling in life you can have?”  Then as the bedrock to answering that question moves us into knowing our purpose and values.

    From there the authors help us understand that by working on 9 attributes we can develop ourselves to Becoming Invaluable.

    Those 9 Attributes are:

    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Attitude
    • Health
    • Strength
    • A set of values to guide you in the right direction.
    • A purpose in life.
    • A sense of willitude.
    • The ability to navigotiate

    And if you are not sure what “Willitude” and “Navigotiate” are they are keys to you Becoming Invaluable.

    This is great book, one that I will keep on the shelf and remind myself that my self-worth is not in question because I do have value and I am constantly striving to becoming invaluable.

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