7 Principles to Change Your Business and Your Life: Conscious Leadership – Michael Bianco-Splann

    Michael Bianco-Splann on A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Michael Bianco-Splann - Conscious LeadershipYesterday is not today…well that’s obvious.  So why do we believe that so many of yesterday’s leadership principles will still be effective today?  The fact is when it comes to work attitudes have changed.  Jobs are plentiful and when people do not like their boss, manager, or CEO, they just leave.  This costs the business massive amounts of money.  At some point we need to look at the lowest common denominator of employees exiting…the leader.  The days of “it’s my way or the high way” are over if you want to survive in business today.  The fact what people want from today’s leaders is to know that their leader actually cares.

    In this episode of A New Direction (AND) author and leadership expert Michael Bianco-Splann discuss his book Conscious Image result for michael bianco splannLeadership:  7 Principles to Change Your Business and Change Your Life.  We start by analyzing the most important piece to the puzzle and that is bringing the authentic you to your leadership.  If you are loved and cared for by others…why is that not the same person leading the company?  Why are often two different people?

    Michael Bianco-Splann goes on to touch on such topics as being a better and more active communicator.  Taking Risks.  Servant Leadership.  How can we expect employees to care for customers if we do not care for them, Uncovering Myths when it comes to getting closer to your employees and associates and more!   We also learn one of the most powerful principles through out Conscious Leadership…it is our choice.  And that choice is going to take both courage and risk.  Do you have what it takes to truly be a Conscious Leader and employ a game changing attitude and behavior Conscious Leadership.

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