5 Skills to Get the Career You Always Wanted

    Dr Alan Patterson - Burn Ladders Build Bridges Part 2 - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    5 Skills to get the career you always wantedWhether you are a recent graduate or a have been working in your career for decades we all come face to face with a couple of questions:  “Am I really doing the work in my career that has meaning and purpose? And is this the career I really want to spend my life doing?”  Why is it that the world looks badly at us when we say “But this is not the career I want?” or “This isn’t the career I thought it would be?”  Somehow it is like we are forced to stay in our jobs or careers that we don’t like because we made a decision or got a major and now like eating old boiled okra we must sit and eat it!!  Why?  And that is exactly what Dr. Alan Patterson challenges in this episode of A New Direction.

    Amazon.com: Burn Ladders. Build Bridges: Pursuing Work with Meaning + Purpose eBook : Patterson, Alan M.: Kindle StoreDr. Alan Patterson’s book is entitled “Burn Ladders, Build Bridges“.  The ladder we are burning is the corporate ladder that really has nothing to do with merit or hard work.  The bridges are building are the relationships with others and ourselves.  But as we find out in this episode Dr. Patterson walks us through the 5 Pillars to help us find the job we always wanted.  He takes through

    • Build a base of competence and credibility.
    • Build context.
    • Build relationships
    • Create impact
    • Create meaning

    Here is the best part, it can start with your job right now.  It doesn’t mean you hijack your job, but you can start creating the job you want if you know what you are looking for.  Dr. Patterson and “Burn Ladders, Build Bridges” is eye-opening for sure!

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