21 Rules to Master Relationships in Business and Life

    Joe Brocato - 21 Rules for Mastering Relationships in Business and Life - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    The Art and Science of Building Relationships that Lead to Success in Life and Business

    Joe Brocato - 21 Rules to Master Relationships in Business and Life - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoWhat do B2B and B2C have in common? People are the ones who make the decisions. Often there is an erroneous belief that competence, a good product, and professionalism is the most important aspects of business.
    However, the research suggests something different. And that is that relationships are what drive sales and success. Not just in business, but in life as well.
    But developing great relationships that will make a difference in our life and business requires that we develop relationship skills. What are the most important relationship skills to develop.
    Well, in this episode of A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso, Award Winning Attorney, Forbes Business Development Thought Leader and Coach, Joe Brocato joins us to talk about how you can take our relationships to the next level with his latest book…”Hit It Off”.
    Hit It Off: 21 Rules for Mastering the Art and Science of Relationships In Life and Business: Brocato, Joe: 9781637610251: Amazon.com: BooksJoe Brocato’s Book, “Hit It Off: 21 Rules for Mastering the Art and Science of Relationships In Life and Business” is what I would call an essential read for every person in any stage of life or business.
    The 21 Rules are all things you may have heard before.  The difference in this book is that Joe provides the science behind why they work.
    What is more Joe introduces ways to apply these 21 rules, and the “train wrecks” can happen when these rules get derailed.
    Another powerful set of tools that Joe provides in “Hit It Off” is that at the end of the book he has exercise to help you strengthen these 21 relationships rules.
    And although the rules may not be new, we need to be more intentional and conscious how we use them.  Because we all know we tend to go on automatic pilot when it comes to building new relationships.
    If we would be more conscious of our behavior and our words, we would develop deeper and better relationships that will create greater success for ourselves in life and business.

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