101 Entrepreneur Lessons for Making it Big

    Larry Gaynor - Take a Chance - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

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    Larry Gaynor - 101 Entrepreneur Lessons for Making it Big - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoI think all of us dream of working for ourselves at some point or another. We all like the idea of being an entrepreneur.

    But let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur is not easy. In fact it takes a lot of guts, a lot of resilience, sleeplessness nights, and spending a lot of your time alone.

    But one of the ways you can get through it is when you are able to talk with the people who have done it and done it successfully.

    And that is exactly why we bring best-selling author and entrepreneur Larry Gaynor to A New Direction to give us…well…A New Direction when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

    Entrepreneur Larry Gaynor’s new book “Take a Chance!  101 Entrepreneurial Lessons for Making it Big” is the perfect book for every entrepreneur regardless of the stage you are in.

    Personally, I love books that have numbered lessons and tips.  Each one makes you think and reflect if you are doing the same thing.

    What makes this entrepreneur book more powerful, it is written by a person who is in the middle of it, had to build it from the ground up, maintain it, and create a legacy from it.

    The book is filled not only with practical and useful tools and tips, but has great stories that help make the lesson really come to life.

    If you are an entrepreneur, or considering becoming one, this book is one that you will want to read, keep on your bookshelf and use it as a refence.

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