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10 Principles for True Democracy in Your Workplace - Traci Fenton - A New Direction with Jay Izso

10 Principles For True Democracy in Your Workplace

Fenton, Traci - 10 Principles for Democracy in the workplaceWe have all heard of democracy,  The problem is we only think of it as a government entity.  The problem is as democracy is outlined most governments that say they practice democracy do not practice the principles.  Founder and CEO of Worldblu Traci Fenton joins us on this episode of A New Direction to enlighten us to understand what a true democracy is and how when applied to the workplace has demonstrated to increase profit, provide employee stability, and increase employee dedication.

Freedom at Work: The Leadership Strategy for Transforming Your Life, Your Organization, and Our World: Fenton, Traci: 9781953295491: BooksTrace Fenton‘s ground breaking book is entitled “Freedom at Work: The Leadership Strategy for Transforming Your Life, Your Organization, and Our World”  not only provides the 10 principles to creating a democracy in your workplace, but also provides statistics on how effective a true democracy in the workplace can lead to greater profit.  The book is an eye opening not just for how to grow your business, but puts new energy into your business where everyone is more invested in your business success.  And a create a place where there is true Freedom at Work.

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