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Who is Jay Izso, The Internet Doctor®?

Just a brief introduction for the curious.

First of all my name is Jay Izso.

I have my Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Doane College, and a Masters or Science degree in Psychology from Washington State University.

In 1996 I joined my wife’s real estate team which consisted of her and 2 part time assistants.  I found ways through the internet and social media to grow her business and help reduce her marketing expenses.  I also trained her sales staff on how to better relate to their clients and increase sales.

I am a speaker, author, and consultant.  I talk about ways of empowering your business through psychology.  I am the registered trademark as the Internet Doctor®.  It is why people will occasionally refer to me as Dr. Jay.  As the Internet Doctor® I diagnose the problems with businesses both in the online world and the face to face world and prescribe solutions to enhance, increase, and make your business more efficient.

I am a Social Mediologist, that is, one who studies social media from the psychological perspective of the user.  I am an consumer analyst as one who studies and researches consumer behavior.

When you are ready for a different solution please contact me at Jay Izso, Internet Doctor®

Stay Successful!

Jay Izso, Internet Doctor®

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2 thoughts on “Who is Jay Izso, The Internet Doctor®?”

  1. Hi Jay,

    Not sure if you remember me — been a long time, but we went to school together at Doane.

    Do you have a website? I would like to learn more about your serivces.

    we are creating a new website so I would like to understand your servcies more.


    Daneil Jackman
    Doane Alumni 1989

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