What’s Love Got to Do with It?

    I am an avid lover of music. I am pretty sure that I like at least one song from every genre there is. When I was a teenager in the early 80’s to a graduate student in the early 90’s I am quite sure much of today’s music has been influenced by those two decades.

    How about the music that touched you when you were in those romantic infatuated moments?  “The Way You Look Tonight” by Eric Clapton, or “Lady in Red” by Chris DeBerg. 

    Did you remember?  Did a smile come across your face?  Did a flashback of a memory occur?  Do remember some special place or old boyfriend or girlfriend because of a piece of music? Why did that smile occur?  Why could you picture those memories so clearly?  Answer: Because it touched you emotionally.

    Emotional connections are powerful.  There are very few memories from our past that do not have an emotional connection to them.  I would argue that all of our memories have some emotional connection.  It either powerfully gave us joy, pain, anger, sadness, surprise, laughter etc. 

    It is for this reason that your website must have an emotional connection.  It will make your websites more memorable, more powerful, and by far more successful.

    Connect With The Emotions Of Your Visitors 

    The largest problem with 99% of the business websites I see…they lack good connecting emotional content for the reader to relate to.  Your website content should be like a great lyric in your favorite song, that your potential client refers back to when they want to feel good again about a good real estate website.  It should make your potential client say, “Oh what a feeling, we’ll be dancing on the ceiling”.

    When I am coaching people through the development of the website, one of the tools that we use, is Michael’s “Target Market Proposition Planner” ™.  There are 7 questions but I think 3 of them are crucial to the content of the website.  One is what are the online consumer’s greatest fears, the second, what would make them feel good about the process, and finally, what are their likely emotional states.

    It is absolutely critical for you to know the answer to these questions in your targeted website.  You know what I typically see on a Realtor website.  “I have 20 years of experience”, “I am a professional”, “I can meet all of your ‘insert business type here’ needs”, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.  No one cares.  Click and the client is gone.  You are saying the same tripe that almost every other person in your industry says on their website. 

    However the consumer says, “I want someone who understands ME!”  I don’t give a blade of grass, about your experience when I first meet you, and I would hope you would be professional, and you don’t even know what my needs are but you can handle them all…really? Are you a mind reader, I bet I can find a a need you can’t handle, or if you do you won’t handle it well.  All the talk is straight bunk.

    Do want to get your consumer excited about you? Why not start by addressing some of their fears and giving them the power to over come them.  Let’s take an example in the world of Real Estate.  Why do we not talk about “Buyers Remorse” on line.  It’s real isn’t it?  Wouldn’t someone feel more comfortable with a Real Estate Agent who says the following:

    Allow me explain a common feeling that you may have when you purchase your home.  It’s called “Buyers Remorse”.  It’s very common, even people who have purchased several homes get the feeling of “Oh my goodness, what have I done”.    I cannot promise you as your Real Estate Agent that I will make that go away, but let me help you reduce those feelings.  First, while we are looking at homes ask as many questions to me as you can think of.  I will help educate you in the process, but I want to know what you really want and need.  There really are no silly questions, so ask, ask, ask.

    Second, You will have the opportunity to look at every house on line that meets your desires.  We can look together on the MLS to make sure that I completely understand what it is you desire in a home.

    Third, your feelings are normal, even the most seasoned home buyer has some remorse.  Etc.

    I think you get where I am headed here.  Now imagine lacing your website with some grabbing emotional content that reader will say…Wow! You really know me.  You really understand me.  You are the Real Estate person for me!

    Think of the areas of your website, where can you address some additional emotions, what about putting things in about the positive emotions.  You know the excitement of homeownership, for example.

    Imagine the joy that you will be able to experience when you move into your new home as the next chapter in building you and your family’s lives.  You can starting writing your story the day you move in. etc.

    Now I am not a great writer, I hire that to be done.  However, I know good writing when I read it, and when I feel it.  I know when you have connected with me.  So try to understand me, try to emote with me, and I will do business with YOU!  I can’t speak for you, but as for me “I feel like dancin”.

    This BLOG was originally posted in ePowernews at ePowerNews Dr. Jay Article

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