Unlearning Anxiety and Depression – Dr. Joe Luciani

    Dr. Joseph Luciani and Jay Izso A New Direction
    Dr. Joe Luciani Unlearning Anxiety & Depression
    Dr. Joseph Luciani Best Selling Author Unlearning Anxiety and Depression on A New Direction

    When it comes to anxiety and depression the one thing is for certain, they can be paralyzing to the people who experience it.  And the truth is at one time or another we will all experience both during our lifetime.  But what if I told you that Anxiety and Depression (at least the mild to moderate forms) were a habit?  A learned thought pattern and set of behaviors that are more like reactions to control the insecurities that we have learned since our childhood.  And one fact is for sure anything that has been learned can be unlearned.

    In this episode of  A New Direction, psychologist Dr. Joseph Luciani takes us through his successful methodology of helping clients overcome their anxiety and depression.  In his book Unlearning Anxiety & Depression: The 4-Step Self-Coaching Program to Reclaim Your Life, Dr. Joe takes us through how the brain can actually change as we learn and unlearn specific habits.  Especially those prevailing thoughts that seem to intrude on us that we try to do all sorts of things to distract ourselves from.  In Unlearning Anxiety & Depression, Dr. Joe describes a self-coaching, mind-talk technique to take on our child-reflex habit loops, build self-trust, and ultimately take that leap of faith and resolve to help us live a truly free life and live it in the present.  Even if this show isn’t for you…share it with a friend.


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