How to Transition to Your Next Job in the Right Way – I Hereby Resign – Steven Manchel

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    Steve Manchel Job Transition, AttorneyThere is a variety of research out there that suggests you will have between 7 and 10 jobs in your life time.  For some more and others less.  Of all those jobs that you will take will be with the competition of the employer you are currently working for.  Job transitioning on the outset sounds like a fundamental right.  And it is true you have a right to leave your place of employment, but that doesn’t mean that it will happen without difficulty.  The fact of the matter is whether you have an employment agreement or not a company may exercise it’s right to start litigation to make your job transition difficult and in some cases impossible.  That litigation could turn into a nightmare for your future employer who may not want to invest in the risk.  Now what do you do?

    In this episode of A New Direction Transition specialist attorney Steven Manchel joins us.  Steven from the very introduction of the book explains why the transitioning process can be difficult and why YOU need to have a plan before you ever say “I Hereby Resign”.  There are so many takeaways from “I Hereby Resign”, but perhaps one of the biggest is that be careful about your behavior, because while you may say all the right things, your behavior patterns may flush you out…and if that should happen you can make it worse by lying (Which by the way “DON”T!”)  Steven Manchel in his book “I Hereby Resign” comes complete with a sample resignation letter, scripts that you should say and more.  It also has a full recommendation for recruiters and even offers help on how to start your own transition program.  Great read!  Must Read!

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