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    Become an Elite High Performing Sales Professional

    Above Quota Performance: Tips and Techniques to Becoming a Master Sales Pro: Weinberg, Steve: A New Direction with Jay IzsoSales is can be a lucrative profession. Many people decide to go into sales, but the statistics indicate that less than 50% of sales people do not meet the sales objectives that are asked of their company. It begs the question, “Why are sales so difficult?” You would think with all the sales training that is available sales people would be knocking it out of the park…and yet they do not. On this episode of A New Direction Expert Sales Team Builder Steve Weinberg shares his decades of experience as both a successful sales professional and building successful sales teams. In this episode Steve talks to us about what makes a successful sales professional.  What are some of the wrong lessons you may have learned in obsolete sales training, the power of succinctly and articulately knowing your value proposition, traits of the high performance sales professionals and more!

    Above Quota Performance: Tips and Techniques to Becoming a Master Sales Pro: Weinberg, Steve: 9781956450279: BooksSteve Weinberg‘s book, Above Quota Performance: Tips and Techniques to Becoming a Master Sales Pro is the complete book for sales professionals and sales managers.  Whether you are in B2B or B2C sales this book has something for everyone.  Above Quota Performance also has what Steve calls “Takeaways” that give you brief insights into those things you need to do and consider as you go about making yourself an elite sales professional.  The one thing that will surprise you in this book…there are no slick, manipulative sales techniques!  These are sound techniques that do not rely on “tricks” but rely on skills to help you understand the buyer and make sure you are delivering to them the solution that they not only need but what they want.  Because at the end of the day if you want to be Above Quota you will have to answer the buyer’s question…”What’s in it for me”.

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