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    Francis Cholle Getting Past our Thinking Bias - Squircle A New DirectoinWe need to be honest with ourselves our world has changed.  It moves at an incredible pace, and as technology continues to move our problems become more complex and challenging.  How we choose to think about and solve those problems must also change.  Here is the problem:  We live in a world that has a bias of binary thinking, eliminating the gray are of possibilities, and only wants to rely on rules and logic.  Logic sure sounds good, but the problem is when we are dealing with people and ideas, logic limits our ability to truly think “outside of the box”, because we are inside the box or as Francis Cholle calls it the “Square”.  If we truly want our thinking to solve today’s fast paced complex problems we must have “Circle” thinking.  The type thinking that is not so rigid, is without rules, and non-rational.  Note: not rational or irrational but another category, the non-rational.  Typically we try to put the “Circle” inside of the “Square” to keep those thinking types under control.  However, when we allow the “Circle” outside of the “Square” the circle actually give the “Square” room to exercise it’s best qualities.

    Squircle A New of Thinking A New Direction with Jay IzsoIn this episode of A New Direction Author Francis Cholle introduces us to Squircle (Square inside the Circle).  A New Way to Think for a New World.  The truth is “Circle” thinking has been with us forever, but because most businesses and organizations run as “Squares” that desire to exercise control, maintain status quo, employ rules, and operate on a system, they have little tolerance, acceptance, and typically ignore those of us who are “Circle” thinkers that offer a thinking solution that solves the most complex problems.  The fact is we all have a little Square and Circle in us, but we do not exercise our internal Circle because we will not let go of our desire for control, or the ramifications we receive for our Circle thinking.  Squircle is a great read and Francis Cholle has done a masterful job of getting us to open our eye to the fact that perhaps our reason for not being as successful as we could be is our lack of Circle thinking.

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