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    Rob Jolles | ON A New Direction-Teaching, Training, and Speaking Online: Best PracticesWhether you are in business, a consultant, coach, teacher, or speaker, our world has changed when it comes to doing presentations.  Whether it is a seminar, workshop, company training, education, or public speaking we are all using some sort of online platform to convey our message.  Let’s be honest it is all completely different feel when it comes to teaching, speaking, or training online.  We do not have the luxury of standing before an audience, having the same adrenalin rush, getting that immediate interactive feedback, and keeping people’s attention, well, that’s a challenge as well.  Clearly we need some help.

    In this episode of A New Direction, best selling author and international training and motivational speaking expert Rob Jolles joins us to give us the best practices to give your online training and speaking a boost in effectiveness.  Based on his book How to Run Seminars and Workshops, Rob demonstrates to us that there is a process that works.  Starting with how to develop a good seminar and branding, to motivating your listeners, to paying attention to the details that will make you a more desired online speaker, trainer, and teacher.  Rob is willing to help our listeners, provide materials and insights just go to www.Jolles.com or email him at Rob@Jolles.com

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