Take Back Your Life and Career: Own Your Job – Dr. Michael Colburn

    Michael J. Colburn PhD and Jay Izso on A New Direction

    Michael J. Colburn Career Expert, Own Your Job, A New DirectionHave you ever said, “I hate my job”?  Maybe you have said, “I need to make a career change”.  Did you know for most people they believe that the problem with their current job or career is their boss?  Research has even pointed out the most people leave their job because of their boss.  What if I were to tell you that your job, your boss, your current career, may not be your problem?  The fact is you may be the problem.  We don’t like to hear that do we?  Maybe we will rationalize it by saying, “But…but…you don’t understand the boss is a jerk”.  Well maybe it’s time to take back your life, take back your career, take back your job, and OWN IT!

    In this episode of  A New Direction Dr. Michael Colburn educates you on how to take responsibility, accountability, and extreme ownership of your job in his book “Own Your Job”.  This book is a complete practical guide to truly owning your career.  In Own Your Job Dr. Colburn explains how to start asking the right questions, relying on your strengths, see your boss as a partner, take control through self-management principles, accountability, and responsibility.  However, it is going to take some initiative, discipline, but most of all it is going to take courage.  So you have to ask yourself, “do you have the courage to Own Your Job“!

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