Success Strategies from Combat Veterans – Deliberate Discomfort – MAJ Jason Van Camp

    Major Jason Van Camp - Deliberate Discomfort - A New Direction - Jay Izso

    MAJ Jason Van Camp (Army Special Operations, OIF Veteran) - Success Strategies - Deliberate DiscomfortSuccess we all want it, but we often do not want to pay the price for it, or hear the answers on how to ultimately achieve it.  So often we think that success is a by product of getting the right breaks in life or business.  Some believe that success is just given to people.  Others believe that if you focus on success you will become successful.  However, when you start talking to combat veterans and hearing their stories, and you extract the lessons you come to realize something more.  Success comes from two very unique processes: One is deliberately getting uncomfortable doing things that you do not want to do, but doing them anyway on purpose.  The second and perhaps the most important process is to have a mindset of serving others.  Both are counterintuitive to what we typically believe but as we will here from Green Beret Major Jason Van Camp in this episode of A New Direction it is the formula that consistently works.

    Success Strategies from Combat Vets - Deliberate Discomfort - Jason Van CampJason Van Camp has compiled a book of combat veterans who served our country in a variety of combat circumstances.  Many of these combat veterans lost body parts, their military career, and almost their lives in an effort to ensure that the mission would be successful and serving others in the process.  The award winning book Deliberate Discomfort is a phenomenal and insightful look at the lives of amazing veterans and their stories and the practical application that applies to your life, your career, and your business.  Deliberate Discomfort is going to make some of you uncomfortable, but it is exactly that discomfort and counterintuitive mindset that will change your life and business.  Please check out and financial support

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