Strategy – Execution – Results: Get in Gear – Sean T. Ryan

    Strategy - Execution - Results: Get in Gear - Sean T. Ryan - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Strategy-Execution-Results-Get-in-Gear-Sean-T-RyanWhether it is business or life you probably have some sort of strategy, but is that strategy producing the results that you had hoped for?  So what is the problem?  Is it the strategy…maybe, but probably not.  When it comes to getting the results that you want the biggest issue may be your execution.  Meaning that everything is in the right place, you have a good plan you just are not doing the behavior necessary to see it through.

    So what is interfering with execution?  Well, in this episode of A New Direction, world renown consultant and coach Sean T. Ryan CEO of Whitewater Consulting joins us to talk about the 7 gears that need to be executed to get from strategy to results.  You are going to love Sean and you are going to love his book…“Get in Gear”.

    If you are not seeing the results that you want in your life, career, or business, chances are one of your gears needs a cleaning, a little oil, maybe it’s a little wobbly, or you may need to redo the whole gear.  So what are the 7 gears?

    The 7 Gears for Strategy Execution and Results - Sean T. Ryan - Get in Gear - A New Direction - Jay Izso

    1. Right, Right, Right
    2. Align the Architecture
    3. Culture of Communications
    4. Result Oriented Goals
    5. Visible Score Card
    6. Critical Performance Drivers
    7. Follow Up/Follow Through

    “Get in Gear” is an excellent read and will get you on the right track to ensure you have the right strategy, the you are following through on your execution, and that you achieve the results you are looking for.  Get in Gear is available in bookstores everywhere I highly recommend it!

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