Starting a Business, Buying a Business or Franchise – Jeff Snell COO & Founder Enlign Business Brokers and Advisors – AND 16

    Even in the midst of Hurricane Michael we had to push our through on this episode of A New Direction.  We lost power several times, but we reconnected and we still have an awesome show that I am convinced will help you!

    Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions I am asked is…”how do I start a business”.  I am not always certain why I am asked that question so often, but I recognized that I need a real expert on buying and selling businesses to really give the best answer that could others, like perhaps yourself, find A New Direction in this area.

    That Person is Jeff Snell, COO & Founder of Enlign Business Brokers and Advisors.  Jeff and his company Enlign have been a part of 100’s of transactions representing businesses and their owners to help them sell or find the right business.  He and his company have been national recognized for their leadership in the area of Business brokerage.

    ENLIGN Business Brokers

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    In this episode of AND we ask questions such as “How does one start a business”

    , “How much money does someone need”, “What about buying an existing business”, How much should one pay for an existing business”, “Where should someone start when it comes to either

    buying or starting a business”.  “What about buying a franchise?”, “What are the pros and cons of

    buying a franchise business?”… and so much more!

    If you have ever thought about starting your business this show is for YOU!

    If you are in a business and you are thinking about how business brokerage works because you want to sell your existing business…this show is for YOU TOO!

    If you are simply interested in business…yeah, this show is for you.


    In this episode we have bonus content!  That’s right, just when you think the show is over, Jeff comes back and gives you tips on how to prepare your business for a storm.


    Also I need to thank this week’s sponsor.  The La Jolla Writers conference.  

    Whether you are an aspiring author who has yet to put pen to paper, someone intent on writing a book to augment your business, a writer on the cusp of submitting to agents, or someone who wants to know more about the different and ever-evolving methods of publication, the La Jolla Writer’s Conference is the place for you.

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