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    I have heard it said, especially from coaches, “social media and athletes are like oil and water, the two just don’t mix”.  Well the same could be said for athletics in general.   Because even coaches and high level administrators have found themselves in hot water over a tweet or social post that resulted in termination.

    Is social media really a bad thing for athletics?

    The Social Media Playbook For Student Athletes by [Izso, Jay]The answer is it should not be!  Whether you are an athlete, coach, administrator, business owner, CEO, or employee the fact of the matter is social media is neither good nor bad…it is powerful, it requires responsibility, and in the hands of knowledgeable people it can be an amazingly powerful positive tool to create change, have a career, boost a career, brand a company, market a company, market an athlete, have positive branding for a school, college, or university.  It all depends on one person…YOU.  It is what you do with it that will make the difference.

    In Episode 25 of A New Direction, I discuss two brand new books to hit the market.  “The Social Media Playbook for Student Athletes” and “The Social Media Playbook for Coaches and Administrators

    Do not be fooled by this show in thinking it is just for sports minded people.  I demonstrate how the principles of using social media apply to your business.  For The Social Media Playbook for Coaches and Administrators by [Izso, Jay]example, that everything you post not only represents you, it represents your company, school, family, college, boss, business, etc.  To think that once you are being paid or have a scholarship from a school still means that what you say only represents you, would be wrong.  Not only are you representing yourself you are representing the person that signs your check and the company or school behind it.

    The show will be eye opening for those who only see the negative side of social media.  You will hear how social media can be such a positive force for people to enhance or change a career.  Both “The Social Media Playbook for Student Athletes” and “The Social Media Playbook for Coaches and Administrators” are available on Amazon.

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