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    100 Sales Skills of the Successful Sales Professional - Alex Dripchak - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Alex Dripchak of Commence: How to Be Great at Sales Without Seeming Salesy | by Tyler Gallagher | Authority Magazine | MediumThe fact is we are all sales people at some point if not most point in our lives.  But then there are those people who have made sales their career.  It is a profession.  But let’s be honest it’s not an easy profession.  The fact is for most people who are not in sales when they hear the word, there can be this yucky feeling in the pit of their stomach and an urge to runaway.  Why?  Well because the truth is there are really bad sales people who have ruined it for those who are trying to do the right thing by their clients.  Alex Dripchak is one of the great ethical sales professionals that joins us on this episode of A New Direction.

    100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional: Your Guidebook to Establishing & Elevating Your Career: Alex Dripchak: 9781637420621: BooksAles Drapchak‘s book “100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional” is quite possibly the best book on sales I have ever read.  He has taken his own experience from Mercer and Oracle and coupled that with the wisdom of ore than 25 books on sales.  This book will literally help you become a better sales person, a more likeable sales person, and a sales professional that can be profitable without taking advantage of the client.  “!00 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional” is not only a great read, but I found it fun and a wealth of useful information for any business.

    I know you are going to enjoy the show and you will love Alex Dripchak!  ;Here are the different ways to reach Alex and find out what he is doing.

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