Reduce Burnout to Increase Motivation and Performance in Your Team

    Mia Russell - Transforming Your Team from Burnout to Motivation, Engagement and Performance - Fired Up! A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Burnout is a word that we are using more frequently. It is because it is showing up more frequently and in a variety of different ways. It can be argued that some of the “quiet quitting” that we are witnessing is partially a result of burnout. The fact is that burnout takes a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual toll on your employees. 

    So Who is to Blame When it Comes to Burnout?

    There is a tendency to blame.  Many organizations and business want to claim that the employee Mia Russell - Transforming Your Team from Burnout to Motivation, Engagement and Performance - Fired Up! A New Direction with Jay Izsois lazy, unmotivated, disengaged.  However, the employee may not see it that way.  Why?  Because they don’t even know they are burned out. Here is what we do know, that if employee has purpose in their work, are motivated and engaged you have higher productivity and efficiency. So what can you do? First, we can take responsibility where we can take responsibility.  The fact is that businesses do contribute to employee burnout which world wide costs nearly $1 trillion dollars!  The problem, like the employee they don’t even know their contribution to burnout. So let’s put a damper in burnout, and get Fired up! and on this episode of A New Direction Dr. Mia Russell from Johns Hopkins University joins us to help you transform your team from burnout to Fired Up!

    Fired Up!: A guide to transforming your team from burnout to engagement by Drs Mia Russell and Girvin Liggans is a powerful look at the symptoms of burnout, the factors that play a roll in burnout, how businesses and leadership affect burnout, and gives a framework to help businesses reduce burnout and increase performance.  The book is powerful and makes no apologies that this is going to take work to do.  Drs. Russell and Liggans have done the research and they have created a solution to help your team become more engaged, more motivated, and improve performance.  You can learn more or contact Dr. Russell for your company by going over to  Are you ready to transform your team in your organization?  Then you are ready to get them Fired Up!

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