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    Are You Looking for a New Career?  Ready. Set. Get Hired!

    Dr Kevin Gazzara - Ready Set Get Hired - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoIf you take a look at what is reported you would think getting a career position is easy. Well if you are one of those searching to get hired, you and I both know that it isn’t as easy as the statistics want to make it out to be.

    The fact is since the pandemic hiring has been more selective and tricky. But also more business are also now cutting back on hiring especially for the most desirable and well paying positions. So what is the answer to getting hired in our current marketplace.

    On this episode of A New Direction co-author Dr. Kevin Gazzara joins me to talk about Ready, Set, Get Hired. What is it going to take for you to get hired in your next position? How do you need to think? What do you need to do with your emotions? What action steps should you be taking? Ready to take some notes…and get hired?

    Ready Set Get Hired: How to Land a Great Job in Times of Uncertainty: Gazzara, Kevin, Reed, Rita C.: 9798793408677: BooksRita Reed and Dr. Kevin Gazzara‘s book “Ready Set Get Hired: How to Land a Great Job in Times of Uncertainty”  is a powerful book that is the prescription for getting hired in today’s world.  The book has exercises and a timeline for you to build the right connections that lead to the right referrals that will lead to your next career job.  The book also deals with the mental, emotional and spiritual issues that we all deal with when we have been laid off and are struggling to find that next career position.

    Would you like to get a FREE copy of the book?  Or perhaps gift it to someone you know that is looking to get hired?  Then Rita and Dr. Gazzara will gift you the listeners and viewers of A New Direction with a FREE PDF copy of the book by going to

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