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    Jen Satterly - PTSD Arsenal of Hope - A New Direction

    Jen Satterly Dealing PTSD - Arsenal of Hope A New DirectionAccording to the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 7-8% of the population is suffering from this malady.  It is often ignored, misunderstood, and often attribute other reasons to the behavior of those with PTSD.   For sure those men and women who are or were combat veterans, first responders, and Covid front line workers have the greatest potential to develop PTSD.  The statistics for combat veterans that suffer from PTSD is between 11 -20%  The fact is not everyone has it, and it looks different in each person who does have it.  It surrounds us everyday, but we ignore it.   People you work with, people you manage, people that live right next store can be suffering from it, but because of shame and embarrassment they keep it behind closed doors.  It affects their job, their spouses, their children, and their friends and family.  But thankfully on this episode of A New Direction Author Jen Satterly wife of Delta Force Command Sergeant Major Tom Satterly who suffers from PTSD after 20 years of deployment gives you insights and tactics to give you hope for those who deal with PTS…because it truly is not a disorder.

    Jen Satterly’s book entitled “Arsenal of Hope: Tactics for Taking on PTSD, Together” is a vulnerable look inside at what it is really like to live with someone who has PTSD.  She also reveals as a coach to many veterans the journey, and the hard work it takes to make even a small step in recovery from PTSD.  And yes people can and do recover.  As Jen Satterly explains it is a biological problem from years of training to be an elite fighting machine, meant to protect others and rid the world of evil.  “Arsenal of Hope” is powerfully insightful and filled with practical information to help those who have PTSD, and help them get help.  Jen Satterly along with her husband Tom Satterly are co-founders of the All Secure Foundation which helps our veterans and first responders overcome their PTSD and find the right resources to help them live the thriving life after the military.  You can learn more by going to

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