Presenting Yourself for Success – The Authenticity Code

    Presenting Your Authentic Self for Success - The Authenticity Code - Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartmann - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    The Authenticity Code: Presenting Yourself for Success - A New Direction with Jay IzsoPerhaps one of the greatest challenges we all have is presenting in front of others.  So often when it comes to presenting we major on the minors and minor on the majors.  The major of course making sure you are presenting you authentically.  You can have all the presentation skills down pat, but until you realize that YOU ARE THE PRESENTATION it will not make any difference, because nothing substitutes for the authentic you…you simply cannot fake it.  Thankfully for you and I best selling and gold medal winning author Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman joins us on A New Direction to talk about “The Authenticity Code“.

    The Authenticity Code: The Art and Science of Success and Why You Can't Fake It to Make It: Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman: 9781626348677: Books: Amazon.comDr. Sharon’s book, “The Authenticity Code: The Art and Science of Success and Why You Can’t Fake It to Make It” is an absolute must read for anyone who is going after a new job, selling (B2B or B2C). public speaking, or simply networking.  “The Authenticity Code” will teach you how to find your authentic self so that you are presenting YOU authentically.  The book also gives training in how to read people while presenting and become more adaptable in your presentations.  This book is fantastic!

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