People Over Process: Leadership for Agility – Michael K. Levine

    People Over Process - Leadership for Agility - Michael K Levine - AND

    Image result for michael K. levineAgile is a process that allows teams to basically work independently on small pieces of a larger project.  Basically they govern themselves, work in spurts (called sprints) and are suppose to be unified on what they will work on at any given time.  But does that really work without leadership involvement?  Perhaps not as consistently well as we would like to believe.  The fact is even though in principle this all sounds well and good, perhaps a better approach is that there needs to be facilitative leadership to help add rigor, alignment, and efficiency to the process.

    Image result for michael K. levineAgile expert Michael K. Levine joins me on this episode of A New Direction (AND).  Michael helps us understand that even in the best of circumstances when it comes to teams leadership is still critical to making even agile teams more successful.  In his book “People Over Process:  Leadership for Agility”  Michael Levine helps us understand why leadership is still important to these unique teams and provides frameworks to help us better understand how to make agile teams work even more successfully.  Michael will even help us understand how to have better meetings, deal with emotions of people on these teams, and offers some key advice to even the most ardent fan of those who want to work and govern themselves.  Because at the end of the day, it really is about “People Over Process“.

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