Overcoming Conflict – Dangerous Love – Chad Ford

    Overcoming Conflict - Dangerous Love - Chad Ford - A New Direction - Jay Izso

    Chad Ford - Overcoming Conflict - Dangerous Love - A New Direction - Jay IzsoWe all will experience conflict, but how do we handle it?  Are you a conflict avoider?  Hoping the problem will go away.  Maybe you are a conflict enforcer?  Where you take control of situation and it is your way or the hi-way.  Perhaps your a conflict manager?  You just want to manage the conflict not really dealing with the issues in an attempt to smooth it over.  There is a better way!  And it is called “reconciliation”.  What does it take to get to reconciliation?  Dangerous Love.  In this episode of A New Direction Former ESPN NBA analyst and Conflict Specialist Chad Ford joins us again.  We talk about why Dangerous Love is not a “Kumbaya” moment.  Why Dangerous Love requires truth, mercy, and justice.   We even go into specific situations where we ask how do you practice Dangerous Love in an abusive relationship.

    Dangerous Love: Transforming Fear and Conflict at Home, at Work, and in the World is simply a great book into how we can best handle conflict.  The fact is we have to take responsibility for our part of the conflict.  We can easily be self-deceived into believing it is the other person’s fault.  And we neglect to look at how we may have contributed to the problem. Dangerous Love makes us take a close examination of ourselves, remove the emotions, and take action and make the first step toward being reconciled.  Great Book!

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