Note to Marketing: Change or Die

    “Marketing is Dead!” HOLD ON! I didn’t say that .

    However, they may be right. The always connected consumer has changed the game as a recent quote from research stated:

    “complex customer journeys replace linear campaigns as the new normal.”

    Meaning? It is less about the technology and marketing and more about the psychology of relationships. Meaning today…more than ever…it’s personal.

    It is why the typical business page is a complete fail on social media compared to the personal page. Take away the marketing on Facebook, compare the average small business Facebook page with the average Facebook user profile and let’s see who gets the most “Likes”, “Comments”, and “Shares”…obviously the personal profile will. Why? Well this is the social mediology of it all isn’t it?

    You do not have to be a brain surgeon to understand that personal interaction is part of the culture and natural environment of….wait for it…”social media” where business to person interaction is contrived, disingenuous, inauthentic, and has ulterior motives.  Does the marketing world serious believe that the user of social media wants to interact with that?  Hell, marketing world, the majority of you don’t even see the user as a person, you call them a “lead” so as to reduce the human value so that when you discard them you don’t have to feel guilty about kicking real people to the curb.


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