When Nobody’s Home – The WHY Behind Your Behavior – Michael Oden

    Michael Oden and Jay Izso AND
    Michael Oden and Jay Izso AND

    Michael-Round-Headshot-400x400Have you ever said, “why do I do the very thing I do not want to do?”  Have you been dealing with addiction?  Maybe you recognize that sometimes you find yourself in situations and places that you know are not right for you, but for whatever reason you find yourself there doing the exact same behavior.  For most of us we do not understand why we do what we do.  We keep returning to those things that we know are not good for us, but we do it anyway.  Then we feel shame.  We promise ourselves we will never do it again only to find ourselves…doing it again!

    Michael S. Oden is a Retired Deputy Probation Officer, Keynote Speaker, Communication and Behavioral Expert, Personal & Corporate Coach, and award-winning Author of the book “When Nobody’s Home”.  Having researched and worked with 10000 people Michael has put together a program entitled the “Needs Based Method” of overcoming everything from alcohol and drug addiction to the many of other addictive and dependency behaviors we all suffer from at times.

    When Nobody’S Home:: Reveal and Heal the Missing Pieces of Childhood Trauma and Painful Experiences  Break the Cycle of Dependency by [Oden M.A., Michael S.]In this episode of A New Direction (AND) Michael Oden and I discuss how the emotional needs that are not met in childhood result in us trying to find the wrong ways to get those needs met in adulthood.  You will also learn how those not only affect us as people but also as parents and how we try to recuperate those needs through our children.  Michael then challenges you to go deep, to have the courage to look at your dark side and to discover the truth that you have been avoiding, and getting your “aha” moment so that not only can you break the habits of dependency, but truly be free.

    The book, “When Nobody’s Home” is an award winning title and is one that will challenge you, at times make you angry, but in the end will help you get through the “hero’s journey” to the you that you were intended to be all along.

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