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    Maureen Metcalf - Innovative Leaders Guide - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Maureen Metcalf - Innovative LeadershipThe easiest thing for us to do as leaders is rely on what worked in the past.  But let’s be honest there is not guarantee what we have done in the past will produce success in the future.  We also need to face the reality that as businesses change, younger generations, enter our businesses, our leadership needs to be more fluid, adaptable and innovative.  As a leader you cannot expect your business to change if your leadership doesn’t change.  This is the insanity of leadership.  Doing the same things you have always done as a leader and expecting things to change among your followers.  It simply never works.  So what do we need to do?  Take your leadership to the next level.

    Next Level Leadership - Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations: Metcalf ...Maureen Metcalf joins us again on this episode of A New DirectionMaureen Metcalf, is the Founder, CEO, and Board Chair of the Innovative Leadership Institute.  She is a one of the most sought-after experts in anticipating and leveraging future business trends and leadership to transform organizations.   She is also the author of the book the “Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations“.  As Maureen so adeptly points out any change that is going to occur is going to start with leadership.  However, leaders will not change unless they have the awareness that they need to change.  This is not always easy.  That is because leaders are in fact human.  And as humans go we do not like change.  What is worse we are often reluctant to change ourselves.  It can also be a challenge for us as leaders to break our old habits and replace them with new habits.  The question as leaders we need to ask ourselves is: How Innovative do I want to be and am willing to be?  Depending on your answer will determine quickly if you are in fact going to transform your organization.  Innovative Leaders Guide is a great read for anyone in leadership.  Whether you have been leading for one year or a hundred, it will be a great tool in your leadership tool chest.

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