The Negative Effects the News has on You and a Balanced Solution – Jodie Jackson

    Jodie Jackson A New Direction

    Jodie JacksonPeople will say to the people who do not watch the news, “you are uninformed”.  However, to those of you who are watching the news regularly the facts are “you are misinformed”.  We want to believe that the consumption of news media has no effect on us.  We make claims that regardless we need to know what is going on in the world.  However, the research demonstrates time and time again that the news media is affecting you.  It is not simply telling you what the news is, it is telling you how to feel about the news they are reporting.

    Jodie Jackson from London England has written a phenomenal book exposing the realities of how the bias of the news media is negatively affecting you and offers a solution to balance how the news is being presented.  The book is entitled “You Are What You Read“.  Jodie exposes the media bias when it comes to negativity…as they say in the industry “if it bleeds, it leads”.  She digs into the psychological and emotional aspects that you do not even realize is happening to by consuming it.  This media negativity breeds, hopelessness, helplessness, raises anxiety, creates contempt, stirs hatred toward others, creates a belief that the world is a worse place and yet it really is not.  “You Are What You Read” even exposes the bias the editors of the news outlets when it comes to choosing stories, what pictures are used, what words are spoken all to do one thing influence what you think and believe.  Still in denial.  Well Jodie Jackson has done the research and the facts are staggering.

    In this episode of A New Direction, Jodie on do discuss a great deal of the negative effects the news media has no people, but then Jodie proposes a solution.  A solution that has been met with sometimes ire and anger from the new media.  She suggests “Solutions-Focused News”.  It is not the type of news that a fireman saves a puppy.  No this investigative journalism that faces the problems head on and further investigates the people who are solving, and following up with how well the solution in reality solves the problem.  Of course even this thought process is met with “it will never work” or a verbal lashing by a media professor.  Yet through it all Jodie perseveres with her message of not replacing the current media but coming up with a balance that will give people hope, optimism, and increase their self-efficacy.  And as we all know we can all use more of all three to change he world.  So now you know why “You are What Your Read“.

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