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    Networking Expert Steven David Elliot on A New Direction podcastNetworking is truly more are than science.  There is a tremendous difference between those who are great networkers and those that work at networking.  There are many people, perhaps you who just dread the idea of networking, or perhaps are frustrated by it, or maybe you have felt that you have tried networking face-to-face, but you just didn’t get the results you wanted so you have given up on it.  Steven David Elliot Networking expert and chief visionary officer of Rockstar Connect (www.rockstarconnect.com) joins us on A New Direction (AND) to help you become a more successful networking professional by giving you the skills, motivation, and mentality to make any networking event a more successful one with his book Mingle: The Art of Face-to-Face Networking in the Digital Era.

    Mingle: The Art of Face-to-Face Networking in the Digital Era by [Elliot, Steven David, Cioffi, Nick]The book Mingle is what is known as a AHA book.  It can be read in one sitting while drinking a cup of coffee or two and is 140 proverbs that Steven David Elliot discovered through trial and error to create perhaps the world’s largest networking events in the country.  He lives by them, I have witnessed them first hand, and while they may seem simple to read, the attention and intention to accomplish these proverbs will consistently be a challenge.  Mingle’s approach is counter-intuitive.  While most people go to networking events to try to get business, Steven’s approach is about truly giving first, with no expectations, and over the course of time the power of reciprocity takes hold and more business and referrals come your way.  Steven also demonstrates how creating your own networking event leads to what we call in psychology as the “mere-exposure effect”.   Every person should read Mingle: The Art of Face-to-Face Networking in the Digital Era., read it often, read it right before you go to a networking event and hand it to every person on your team.

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