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    Resiliency, mindsets, and more! Ask Coach Jay - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Jay Izso, Coaching Mavericks - Resiliency and minsetsWhat does it take to build resiliency?  Let’s be honest, we all get knocked down, but there are some of us who stay down, and then there are others who seem to get back up.  That’s resiliency.  What is the difference?  Can you develop resiliency?  The truth is resiliency is like developing your muscles.  It cannot be taught, it must be experienced.  But when it comes to resiliency there is a key and that is you mindsets.  When it comes to getting back up again regardless of your circumstances, your mindset needs to right in four areas.  On this episode of A New Direction, Coach Jay talks about resiliency and the mindsets that either will keep you from being more resilient or the mindsets that will help you get back and be more successful.

    Lessons From The Farm: Essential Rules For Success: Izso, Jay: 9780991513628: Amazon.com: BooksCoach Jay‘s latest book is entitled “Lessons from the Farm: Essential Rules for Success“.  Before you judge the book by it’s cover (and title) the book takes a funny and practical look at 25 simple lessons that coach Jay learned while being a farmhand in Nebraska and applies those principle sot life and business.  What is more, these lessons can be adopted by everyone regardless if you worked on a farm or not.  Lessons from the Farm is really Lesson for anyone that is looking achieve greater success in their life or business.  You can get your copy on Amazon and bookstores everywhere.

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