Middle Class Millionaire Talking Money and More with Clark Kendall

    How to be a middle class millionaire - Clark Kendall - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Clark Kendall - President and CEO of Kendall Capital - Author or Middle-Class Millionaire talking Money and more on A New Direction with Jay IzsoMoney.  When we hear it, it brings all sorts of  emotions.  It seems some people have money and others don’t.  And yet, there are those who by most standards do not make much money, but wind up millionaires at the end of their life.  How is that possible?  This is why on this episode of A New Direction author and financial planner Clark Kendall talks about money how to accumulate it, how to avoid debt and how to become a millionaire in the course of a life time.

    Clark Kendall’s book is entitled “Middle-Class Millionaire: Surprisingly Simple Strategies to Grow and Enjoy Your Wealth”  This is not a lengthy book, but it is filled with timeless practical guidance to helping you achieve wealth.   The book is filled with actions you can take right now to start changing your future.  There is also a glossary at the end of the book so you can learn the financial terms to grow your money vocabulary.  Let’s be honest money is important.  While it may not be the most important thing, if you have more of it there is less stress in your household and you can help so many others.  Get your copy of Middle-Class Millionaire and take a listen to Clark Kendall on this edition of A New Direction

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