Meaningful Partnerships at Work – The Workplace Covenant – Seth Silver & Timothy Franz

    Meaningful Partnership at Work - Seth Silver and Timothy Franz - A New Direction with Jay izso

    Meaningful Partnership in the Workplace - Seth Silver - A New Direction with Jay IzsoMeaningful Partnership in the Workplace - Timothy Franz - A New Direction with Jay IzsoWe all know the statistics…the number one reason why people leave their job is their boss.  But we also read how managers are frustrated because they cannot seem to motivate their employees to be as productive as they need the to be.   Honestly when it comes to this relationship it appears to be no relationship at all.  The fact is this relationship should be a partnership.  A partnership that resembles a marriage.  But instead this partnership appears to be looking for reason to dissolve or get a divorce.   The problem:  Both sides are not being authentic, honest, and openly communicate what they need and want from each other, and like a marriage partnership when that doesn’t happen…well divorce is just waiting to happen.  Thankfully on this episode of A New Direction Drs Seth Silver and Timothy Franz are hear to counsel us in the power of Meaningful Partnership in the Workplace.

    Seth Silver‘s and Timothy Franz’s book, “Meaningful Partnership at Work: How The Workplace Covenant Ensures Mutual Accountability and Success between Leaders and Teams”  is an absolute game changer.  The book is a practical how to manual in how to build these partnerships.  It is also filled with example after example of how the “Workplace Covenant” has changed businesses.  The book also contains supportive research that further verifies that the “Workplace Covenant” is effective.  Look losing people is costing you money.  Disgruntled employees are costing your efficiency, which is costing you money.  Why not create a partnership that will lead to greater success.  All it take is to develop a “Meaningful Partnership at Work

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