Managing When No One Wants to Work – Ralph Peterson

    It is has happened to most all of us. You start your job so excited. You work like crazy to impress your boss…and then something happens. The intensity is gone. The desire to put forth the effort wains. Then there are those types of industries, oh, let’s say housekeeping where many people are not excited to do their job. What do you do? If you were the manager what would you do?

    Welcome back to A New Direction Ralph Peterson. Ralph has been there, he has managed one of the most non-desirable industries, namely, housekeeping. He has supervised housekeeping managers, he has owned housekeeping companies and now consults businesses all over the world. Who better to understand how to manage people when they do not want to work.

    Managing When No One Wants to Work is a delightful, insightful fun read. These are a number of stories that will help you in a variety of situations when it comes to managing when no one wants to work. At first glance you as an employee may be thinking, “Another book on how to fire people”…WRONG! This is a book on how to inspire people back to work. In Managing not work you find that often times the reason why people do not want to work is because of what the manager is doing. OUCH! Ralph’s interview will make you laugh and make you think, but most of all it will inspire you to change.

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