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    Ralph PetersonI have heard it said by managers, “managing people is like herding cats”.  Well, if you have ever been in a position to manage people you know that it can be a difficult task.  However, if you have the right trainer and with some regular practice you can manage people effectively and you can become the manager you always hoped you would be.

    Ralph Peterson, marine, management trainer, and author discusses different aspects of being a manager, and how you can improve, based on his book “Congratulations! Now Get Over Yourself: Confessions of a Management Development Coach”.

    In Episode 24 of A New Direction Ralph and I take a glimpse through the different stories he relates through his book and freely gives you some of the timeless and priceless lessons that will help you be a better manager, be a better employee, be a better CEO, and honestly be a better leader.

    And for the first time ever on AND our guest Ralph gives us his scores on the four areas of his life (The Physical, the Mental, the Emotional, and the Spiritual)  This is show that is filled with not only great information for you, but you will laugh right along with us!

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