Lessons from the Farm – Essential Rules for Success – Jay Izso

    Image result for jay izsoWhat positive lessons did you learn as a child that you still hold on to today?  It seems that so many things that we do as an adult are so directly from things we learned in the first two decades of our life.   So often we walk around this world and do not even realize that the things we do naturally have been burned into our mind and behavior from events, places, and people in our childhood past.  This certainly was true of Jay Izso.

    Jay Izso is a speaker, executive coach, podcaster and author who was raised as a farmhand in a small town called Ithaca, Nebraska.  If you think you were raised in a small town, imagine being raised in a town with slightly more than 100 people.  It was for sure a farming community.  Jay’s parents were from New Jersey so when they moved to this little town when Jay was but a baby, they had no idea or even a vision that as Jay grew older he would find his first real career working on a farm.

    In this episode of A New Direction Jay talks us about why he wrote The book Lessons from the Farm: Essential Rules for Success and shares with you a few lessons he learned along the way that will encourage and inspire you.  Lessons from the Farm are 20 lessons that Jay learned while growing up a farmhand.  The lessons are perhaps not new, but they shed a light on 20 ways that you can apply these lessons to become more successful in your life, develop leadership in yourself and others, and encourages you that you too can be all that you were created to be, but it is going to start with the fact that sometimes you must do things afraid.


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