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    Mark C. Deluzio - Lean Transformations - A New Direction - Jay Izso

    Mark Deluzio - Lean Transformation - Flatlined A New Direction with Jay IzsoYou may or may no be acquainted with “Lean Transformation” or “Lean Management”, but the truth is you more than likely employ some of the principles.  Lean management is a business wide thought process that starts with what you customer really wants and needs, then engages the employees and leadership to find ways to make that happen, by cutting waste whether that be time or processes.  It also enlists the idea that every day in every part of your business you are striving to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday, also known as “kaizen”.  No wait before you don’t think this has anything to do with you or your business, or you think that it only applies to manufacturing products you would be wrong.  The fact is that “Lean Transformation” can even work in the service industries, such as real estate, financial, and insurance.  If you think for a moment that the Lean Trilogy of “Customers, Employees, and Shareholders” are the basic starting blocks, well then, “Lean” can apply to any business.

    In this episode of A New Direction, Mark C. Deluzio the Principal Architect of  the Danaher Business System and considered the “Father of Lean Accounting” joins us to talk about his book “Flatlined”.  This book is powerful.  Look even if your business does not use “lean”, the principles outlined in this book are eye opening moments where you want to learn more.  The show is packed with ideas and thoughts that will help you transform your business and if you are not careful you will not just think lean you will be “lean”.  Mark gives us bonus time on this show to go a bit deeper on Lean Leadership, the Naysayers that make up 10% of your company and what to do about them, and then as part of his new direction he talks about success in your career. Tell your friends this is a great show!

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