Leading Others Successfully – The Leadership Core – Will Schirmer

    Leading Others Successfully - The Leadership Core - Will Schirmer - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Leading Others Successfully - Will Schirmer - A New Direction with Jay IzsoEveryone wants to be the one leading the charge, but no one wants the real responsibility that comes with it.  Leading others sounds great until you realize it is more than a title.  Leading is not about you being in charge.  Leading is about taking care of others.  Demonstrating you care.  Showing them understanding and compassion.  Leading is not about giving them fish, or philosophizing about fishing, but taking the time to give them the skills to fish.  Leading requires character, the ability to motivate, or at least understand others motivations, it is about making the right hire, helping people adjust through change, dealing with emotional fall out and becoming a servant who understand how to be a good steward of your people and resources.  When it comes to leading others there is a great deal to consider, but thankfully on this episode of A New Direction  Author and Leadership Expert Will Schirmer leads us into becoming more successful when it comes to leadership.

    William Schirmer‘s book “The Leadership Core: Competencies for Successfully Leading Others” is literally a toolkit on leadership.   Will Schirmehttps://www.willschirmerofficial.com/r has synthesized years of research on leadership and gives you insights into your leadership growth. The book starts with the character of a leader and works it way through issues of motivation, hiring, onboarding, managing performance, servancy and stewardship and so much more!  “The Leadership Core” is truly a book that you can use as a reference guide to help you navigate you business or organization whether you are new to leading or have been leading for decades.  It is filled with tips and perhaps leadership hacks that will help you in nearly every situation you may come across as a leader.

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