Leading in Crisis: Leaders in Lockdown – Atholl Duncan

    Leading in Crisis - Atholl Duncan - A New Direction Jay Izso

    Leading in Crisis - Atholl Duncan A New Direction with Jay IzsoLet’s be honest the real test of a leader is how are they leading in a crisis.  And there has been no greater crisis in most of our lifetimes then dealing with our world and Covid-19.  If you are an aspiring leader, or perhaps a current leader and you are questioning your ability to lead, you would not be alone.   But there is hope!  Author, Executive Coach, and former journalist Atholl Duncan from Scotland joins us in this episode of A New Direction. And he is bringing with him some of the worlds top leading leaders and how they lead in crisis.

    Atholl Duncan’s book is entitled “Leaders in Lockdown“.  He interview 28 of some of the world’s most respected and powerful business leaders and while they were in the Covid-19 lockdown how they were leading their companies during this period.  The leaders were candid with what they were facing, and what they were doing to either keep their keep their companies financially profitable, and their people engaged and employed.  The book is an insightful read into the thoughts and processes of these leaders, and how each have their own perspective.  One thing is for sure, there is more than one way to lead and leading.

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