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Major General John Gronski - Iron Sharpened Leadership - A New Direction with Jay Izso

Leadership Lessons from a US Army General – Maj Gen John Gronski (ret’d)

Major General John Gronski - Iron Sharpened Leadership - A New Direction - Jay IzsoWhen it comes to leadership who better than a U.S. Army general is more qualified to talk about it.  When you have led thousands of men and women in the midst of brutal, volatile, and dangerous combat, and having to take the responsibility of the lives of all those under his command you better demonstrate great leadership.  You not only need to have great leadership knowledge, but you must have characteristics, values, and wisdom that people believe in and want to follow.  Major General John L. Gronski (ret’d) is that person, and we have the honor of having him on A New Direction with his book Iron Sharpened Leadership.

Iron Sharpened Leadership Book AmazonGeneral Gronski’s book is in my opinion the essential must read leadership book that you must have on your book shelf.  The book literally takes you through the building of a great leader.  He divides it into three sections:  Character, Competence, and Resiliency.  It is the foundation of these qualities that he gives us an advanced class in leadership.  “Iron Sharpened Leadership” is practical, pragmatic, will make you think, consider your own values, and will change you.  General Gronski fully understands that to be the best leader you need to continually train all four of the areas of your being, i.e. the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  The fact is if you are not growing in these areas, you are dying.  “Iron Sharpened Leadership” will encourage you, but more importantly it will change you!  Get your signed copy directly from the General himself by Clicking Here!

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