Leadership Lessons from OZ – Dr. Keven Gazzara

    The Leaders of OZ - Dr. Kevin Gazzara - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    The Leader of OZ: Revealing the 101 Secrets of Marvelous Leadership for the 21st Century: Kevin Gazzara - A New Direction with Jay IzsoIf you are like me you remember watching the Wizard of Oz and young Judy Garland playing the heroine Dorothy from a small time in Kansas.  But what if the story was slightly rewritten.  The setting is a small Kansas town and it is a couple of businesses that wondering if they should do a merger and a young HR Director by the name of Dora T. Gayle because of a bizarre “twister” of circumstances must now be the one to determine if the merger will work.  We get introduced to Glenda Ozborn the CEO of OZ Technologies and some of her staff like Cher Crowe, Timm Mann, and Howard Lee Lyon, and of course Mitchell and his monkey Wingo, who is also known as The “Witchell” or the Wicked VP from the West.  The story is fun, but the leadership lessons are even more powerful with every chapter.  And on this episode of A New Direction Co-Author Dr. Kevin Gazzara walks through some of the lessons and the fun of the book.

    The Leader of OZ: Revealing the 101 Secrets of Marvelous Leadership for the 21st Century: Gazzara, Kevin D, Lakhani, Murtuza Ali, Lundy, Marleen L: 9780615209586: Books: Amazon.comThe book “The Leader of Oz: Revealing the 101 Secrets of Marvelous Leadership for the 21st Century” is a leadership book like none other.  While the story is fun and engaging the lessons are timeless and priceless.  What is more about the book is also a leadership assessment that you can measure your strengths in four areas: Brain, Heart, Nerve and Wisdom (I think you catch the OZ references).  We begin the show with the most obvious and fundamental leadership dimension and that is of authenticity.  And as both Dora T. and Dorothy discovery when we truly discover who we are it is when we truly begin the journey of leadership.

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