The Leadership Killer – Captain John Havlik (US Navy SEALs retired)

    John Havlik and Jay Izso A new Direction podcast

    captain john havlik the leadership killer - A New Direction PodcastSo often we point fingers at leaders for their problems.  We will look so intently at the things we do not like about a particular leader and in the process we neglect to realize we have become arrogant believing that we “know” more, or someone else would be better suited to be in their place.  The fact is our belief that we are so smart and no so much has created a state of “Hubris” and that my friends is already started to “kill” your ability to lead.  Yes, arrogance…better yet Hubris is The Leadership Killer.  So what is Hubris You so eagerly ask?

    Webster’The Leadership Killer book on A New Direction s defines it as, excessive pride or self-confidence. adds the word “arrogance” to the definition.  The fact is our pride, over-confidence, and arrogance will kill our relationships and hence our leadership abilities.  In this episode of A New Direction Captain John “Coach” Havlik US Navy SEAL (retired) joins the show and discusses some of the downfalls and the fight of hubris, and even takes us through his own personal journey as a SEAL where he too for a period lost to The Leadership Killer.  This book is absolutely fantastic.  It is not a long read, but it is a punch in the face look at ourselves.  If we think we can be so arrogant as to point fingers at ourselves, then we need to take a long look in the mirror, because that finger is in fact pointing back to our own hubris that has subtly taken over.  The Leadership Killer is a read for anyone and everyone get your copy here!

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