Leadership 2 Words at a Time: Simple Truths for Leading Complicated People

    Bill Treasurer Leadership in Two Words at a Time - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso
    Leadership for New Leaders and for the Experienced Leader

    Bill Treasurer Leadership Two Words at a Time - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoAre you a new leader? Maybe you are a “seasoned” leader? Well, here is a show and a book that is aimed at new leaders, but the seasoned leader can glean from. It is this time of year that in baseball we are getting close to “Spring training”. The new players “the rookies”, and the season players “the veterans” all come together and work on one thing…fundamentals. No matter how long you have played the game you always must be working on the fundamentals. The same is true of Leadership.

    On this Episode of A New Direction, Best Selling Author Home – Giant Leap Consulting returns with his new book “Leadership Two Words At A Time”. While it is purposely written to the new person in leadership, the fact is, this book is great for any leader to get back to the fundamentals and remind yourself why you are in leadership in the first place. The book is educational, entertaining, poignant, and full of actions that you can take to improve your leadership.

    Leadership Two Words at a Time:
    Simple Truths for Leading Complicated People

    Leadership Two Words at a Time: Simple Truths for Leading Complicated People by [Bill Treasurer, Elaine Biech]Bill Treasure latest book Leadership Two Words at a Time is a fun and edutaining read.  Each chapter title is only two words, and then Bill breaks down each of these leadership truths into bite size pieces so that they can be easily digested by anyone.  While the book makes a point, and a strong one at that, Bill uses his sense of humor to take a look at ourselves and how we are leading others so that we can smile and move on to mastery in our leadership.

    What is more Leadership Two Words at a Time also ends each chapter with a Two-word Bonus Tip, Questions for you to think about, action items to work on, and after each section asks you to commit to an oath that you will work on to become a stronger more effective leader.  The book is a quick read, well written, and really a lot of fun to read.  If you would like to connect with Bill you can reach him through his website: Home – Giant Leap Consulting.

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