Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams – Omar L. Harris

    29-7-18-0005.jpgIt doesn’t matter if it is a sport, a for profit business, a non-profit business, or even a family when it comes to developing a “high performance team” there seems to be some commonalities.  The first is we are all pretty aware that all teams go through pretty much the same phases, from forming to storming, to norming, to performing.  But how we get teams to successfully transition through these phases requires a some tools or maybe some hacks to get through them.

    leaderboard 3d.pngPlease welcome Omar L. Harris.  He is an entrepreneur, expert on high performance teams, and a certified strengths finders coach.  And he has written Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams, in what I call the compiled “best of” collection of books synthesized them and created a practical guide to helping you develop your team into a high performance team.  Leader Board starts with Sam a.k.a coach who is under a tight deadline to promote an anti cholesterol medication for a pharmaceutical company and takes you through the challenges that it takes to get a team to from initially forming to the final performance in front of thousands of people.  Then Omar Harris breaks down each element in what calls Team Performance Acceleration Principles (TPAPs). Where every book such as Good to Great, 7 habits of highly effective people, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Gallup Strengths Finder, Irrefutable laws of leadership and more is broken down and practically and applicably applied.

    Omar L. Harris has created a book for everyone.  From starting a team to tweaking your team, to working in the midst of an old team.  Whether you are an owner, manager, consultant, or team member Leader Board will enlighten you, encourage you and inspire you.

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