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    Dr. Michael Colburn - Own Your Job - Discovering Your Leadership, Passion, and Purpose A New Direction Jay Izso

    Dr. Michael Colburn - Own Your Job - Be a Leader and Discover Your Passion and Your PurposeAre you leading from your current job?  Why not?  Have you discovered what you are purpose in  your current job?  What?  Why?  Are you thinking to yourself well I am just a (fill in the blank).  You are NOT a “just a”.  You are and can be a leader from your current job.  Being a leader does not require a title.  Being a leader is a change of attitude.  It is also a change in action.  And what about your purpose.  Do feel like you cannot possible have a bigger purpose from what you are doing right now?  Oh but your purpose can be revealed in the job you have right now.  And in this episode of “A New Direction” Dr. Michael J. Colburn helps you redesign your thinking, redesign your action, get proactive, and discover your passion right from the job you have right now.

    OYJ-FrontCover.jpgDr. Colburn’s book is entitle “Own Your Job“.  But it is really more than just taking ownership of your job.  It is taking your job to a whole new level to discover how you can lead from the position your are in.  It is also about discovering your passion and purpose.  In this episode Dr. Colburn also takes you through his “story” technique on how you can discover the talents that you may be overlooking.  And it is those talents that you may not even realize that you have that could be the difference in living out your passion and your purpose.  And it all starts with you and what you “can” do, and what you “will” do.  Own Your Job is available at Amazon and where ever books are sold.

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